We’re reopening the Co-op…

We are thrilled to announce that the Food Co-op has reopened our doors to shoppers!

Our co-managers, working members and board have been working very hard for the last few weeks to get us ready to reopen again in a way that is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Please read the important information below before you come to shop at the Co-op!

To keep everyone safe, we have raised our hygiene standards and put some important rules in place.

Hygiene for yourself

  1. Please don’t come to the Co-op if you are unwell in any way. If you have any symptoms when you come to the Co-op, you will be asked to leave. We would love to fulfill an online order for you instead!
  2. Please enter through the Cafe Door and proceed directly to the hand-washing station. Always wash your hands thoroughly upon entry, and as you shop.
  3. Please maintain 1.5m distance from all other shoppers, staff and volunteers while you’re in the Co-op.
  4. Please use a clean scoop for each product. We have convenient Clean and Used Scoops buckets to make this easy.
  5. Please drop off jars for donation to the Co-op on the shelf to the RIGHT of the kitchen door. These will be machine-sanitised by our Sanitising team so they are safe to use again!
  6. You can pick up free, sanitised jars to use while shopping from the shelf on the LEFT of the kitchen door.
  7. Please bring your CARD to shop – we aren’t taking cash at this time.
  8. At the checkout, please place your own products on the weigh-scales. This keeps both you and our shop coordinators safer!

We can only have 15 people total in the Co-op at any one time to adhere to safe physical distancing guidelines. Due to this, it is our preference that only ONE PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD shops at the Co-op.

This means that it’s best if you can leave your kids at home. It reduces hygiene risks, and is easier to stay under our 15 people maximum if you can shop without your kids.

Hygiene for your kids

We understand that shopping without kids isn’t possible for everyone, so please follow these guidelines for shopping with kids at the Co-op:

  1. If you can, please keep your kids secure in a carrier or pram. If that’s not possible;
  2. Please wash your kids’ hands thoroughly upon entry (as well as your own)
  3. Please do not allow your kids to touch the food containers, scoops, benches, or the food itself.
    1. If children touch any food inside the containers, the Co-op will require you to purchase the entire container of food due to risk of contamination. We hope you understand that contamination by tiny fingers is a risk we can’t take!
    2. If children touch the food containers, please tell the coordinator on duty so that the container may be sanitised.

If you feel you won’t be able to keep your kids from touching things inside the Co-op, we would love to fulfill online orders for you for home delivery or instore pickup instead!

Thank you to everyone for your cooperation during this trying time. Together, we can stay healthy and well fed!