Net Zero Emissions

This is what happened when we went electric

Recently the Food Co-op received a generous grant from the ACT Government’s Community Zero Emissions Grants Program to transition our kitchen from gas to electric. Here’s what happened…

Money saved

We no longer pay gas bills!

Enhanced food

Our chefs and bakers have enhanced temperature and fan control – meaning tastier food

Happy workers

Our kitchen crew is safer and cooler than ever when there are no open flames

Why electric?

  1. Our electric appliances are WAY easier to clean
  2. As the ACT’s energy comes 100% from renewable sources, we were keen not to contribute to green house emissions by burning gas for cooking when a cleaner option is available. The gas network contributes approximately 22% of the ACT’s emissions, households make up around 99% of gas connections in the ACT – so it’s time to see whether you should switch over your stove!
  3. INDUCTION IS SO MUCH FASTER! Induction is TWICE as energy efficient as gas as more of the energy is transferred directly to the pan without being lost to the air. This makes our induction stove tops super speedy. They can bring a pot of water to boil in just 2-3 minutes.
  4. Electricity is much safer. Research has linked gas stoves and their output of harmful gasses to asthma and other respiratory illnesses. See this campaign for more.

    Source: ACT Conservation Council (n.d.). Make the Switch from Gas to Electricity. [online] Make the Switch. Available at: [Accessed 21 Jan. 2024].

Read More

The Conservation Council has a stellar guide to switching from gas appliances in the ACT, check out their great work at