Sell With Us

There are two ways you can sell your products with us; in a conventional formal supplier-stockist relationship, or through consignment. This page is about selling on consignment – if you would like to establish a formal supplier-stocklist relationship with us, please email our Ordering Manager.

How does selling on consignment work?

1. You have a batch of fresh produce or other products you would like to sell at the Co-op.

2. Together we work out a price you would like to sell your produce for, and the Co-op adds a 60% markup to your sell price.

3. The Co-op will sell your produce on your behalf. It’s good to check in every now and then to see how well your consignment is selling.

4. When all of the consignment has sold, we will pay you out the amount you decided on, and the Co-op will keep the 60% markup.

5. If your produce or products aren’t selling as quickly as you would like, you can discount the price, take the rest home, or give the remainder to the Co-op to use or compost.

All Co-op members are welcome to sell their home-grown produce or other products on consignment at the Co-op. If you would like to sell your produce or products at the Co-op, either on consignment or on a formal ongoing basis, please email our Fresh Produce Coordinator or our Ordering Manager (for all non-fresh products) using the relevant form below.

Please note that we prefer to stock products that are:

  • locally farmed, sourced or made
  • organic, uncertified organic, regeneratively farmed or biodynamically farmed
  • environmentally friendly
  • minimally packaged or (ideally) unpackaged