Creative Co-opers May: Poetry

In this time of physical distance from our Food Co-op space, we’re inviting the Co-op community to contribute to a monthly blog/gallery post of creative compositions.

Each month we have a different theme for people to respond to – all related to food, of-course!

Check out our Events page to see what we’re calling for this month.

May – Poetry

Members have responded to the call out for Poetry of food-related happenings while at home. Two members have written sweet, thoughtful and fun pieces that resonate with Co-op nostalgia ❤ Sit down with a cuppa and enjoy them.

Gurgle, gloop then splash, by Joanne

A flick of the knob,

lefty loosey that’s the way.

Gurgle, gloop then splash! 

Golden agav-e,

apple cider vinegar, 

citrus detergent. 

A sweet, pungent smell,

trickles fast into my jar. 

Righty tighty – stop. 

Stay Safe and Eat Well, by Akiko Forbes

Soup is done
Salad is made
Bread is ready 

Fruits is on a platter
Dessert is in a fridge for later
Bubbles is waiting at the centre 

Where is our guest?
When will the party start?
Why can’t we eat?
Hungry kids with wiggly feet 

We are longing for the gathering
Long gone after
Pandemic arriving
Miss the family choir singing 

But now
People are gradually coming out
Cafes are quickly filled no doubt
Family is happily out and about 

Dream for having parties and outings
Wish for receiving smiles and chatters
Joy of sharing dishes and stories 

Until then
We just get close with our loved ones
We just enjoy each other’s companies
Even over the screens and the phones 

Being apart is not a barrier
Spice to make our reunion merrier
Delicious food helps us feel happier 

So Stay safe and eat well