Order in Bulk

Current Members are able to make a bulk order for full boxes or bags of products (for example: a 20kg bag of lentils, a 12.5kg bag of flour, 1 tray of bananas etc). Members receive 10% off goods when making a bulk order, in addition to your 5% discount or 20% Working Member discount.

We process our bulk order requests when we next order from the relevant supplier. This can be weekly, or monthly depending on the product, supplier, and availability. Get in touch with our Products Manager below if you’d like to check-in about an approximate arrival time for your order. You will receive a call or email when it arrives.

Take a look at our Products List to familiarise yourself with the range of our goods that are able to be ordered in bulk.

Bulk orders are the cheapest way to shop at the Co-op! Give it a go by either placing an order with a Shop Co-ordinator when you’re next in, or filling in the contact form below.

Also note that if you purchase any amount over 5kg or 5L of any bulk product on the shop floor, you can also receive this same discount. In this case, no order is needed, just bring your (large!) container or vessel and shop like usual.

Enquiries about commercial bulk orders can also be made via the form below.

To make a bulk order, contact our Products Manager via the form below.